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Why the DepEd Early Registration is a Must?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Department of Education is conducting a special one-day registration for incoming kindergarten, Grade 1 and first year high school students on January 29, 2011.

This one-day pre-registration will be done simultaneously on all public schools nationwide on the last Saturday of January 2011.

The early registration targets all 5 year olds to be enrolled in kindergarten and all 6 year-olds in Grade 1. Early registration is also mandated in public secondary schools to guarantee the enrolment of incoming first year students in their preferred high school.

Why does DepEd need an early registration?

According to the Department of Education, the early registration will give them enough time to come up with education interventions and prevent students from dropping out of school. They want to ensure that all those who have to be enrolled already enrolled even before June.

They would also want to measure how many pupils will be in school this coming school year to estimate the expenses they will need to provide sufficient facilities and services.

The early registration would also save parents from the long lines during the enrolment on June.



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