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Developing Form and Tone

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To start our investigations into developing form, we look at the thermos flask made of metal. The flask needs a building up of tone to show its rounded form and the darker parts of the metal.

First draw the outline shapes of the objects and in the vacuum flask mark where the edges of the brightest and darkest areas of tone are to be.

Having done this, put in all the darkest tones on the flask smoothly as you can. Gradually fil up all the other areas where the tones are less intense, making sure that you leave the brighest bits totally white, clean paper. When you have covered all the areas of tone, study the whole drawing to see if you need to strengthen any of the darkest parts.

At first you might not be very successful in your efforts but as you continue to practiceyou will soon develop the necessary skill to make your work look more convincing.

source: Drawing Class by Barrington Barber


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