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How to Prepare Written Work

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The written work you do everyday in school or at home must have a clean, near appearance. Put yourself in the teacher's place and ask a few questions about the work you turned in. Is it written carefully? Are the problems spaced so that they do not crowd one another? No written work should be turned in unless it is the neatest you can do. The arrangement, the writing, spelling, punctuation, and paragraphing should represent your best effort.

Your daily work is the mirror in which the teacher sees you, whether you write a few sentences or a whole theme! Keep this mirror bright by following these few rules:

1. Know what you are supposed to do. Write down exactly what your teacher tells you.

2. Plan before you write. An outline will help you when you have to write the paragraph or a them. You must built your thoughts with care and order.

3. Your teacher like to see neatness and is favorably disposed when the work is written neatly. You show respect for the teacher when you turn in only the most carefully written work.

4. Good writing will improve your grades. Pupils who run letters together, fail to dot the i's, cross t's and write unevenly down the margin, erase carelessly, are headed for failure. If you don't help yourself, no one else will.

5. Finally, when your written work is returned to you, go over it carefully. Check the mistakes so that you will not repeat them. After your teacher has taken time to correct your work, take advantage to his help.


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