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Monday, February 7, 2011

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most–if not the most–widely used tools for presentation. Here are the factors which contributed to its popularity:

It brings more energy and visual impact. Using PowerPoint tools, you can save time and money with easy-to-create photo effects that look sophisticated, without paying for additional photo-editing software programs.

Videos can be embedded. You can easily trim your embedded video to show only relevant sections, or bookmark key points in the video for quick access.

Presentations can be viewed on different formats. PowerPoint 2010 presentations can be sent out as a URL so people can view it on the Web, or as a video with narration.

Presentations can be accessed for viewing and editing from more locations with different devices. If you post your presentations online, you can access, view, and edit them from the Web or your phone. Microsoft PowerPoint Web App allows you to edit your work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile 2010 is also available suited for a Windows phone.

Captivate audience with transitions and animations. Transition and animation effects that look similar with those you see on TV can be easily added to your PowerPoint slide. Access, preview, apply, customize, and replace animations to your liking, for an improved and engaging presentation.

Further information about PowerPoint is available here

For more resources though, here are some links about PowerPoint:


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