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The Benefits of Videoconferencing in Schools

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Videoconferencing is fast becoming a popular learning tool in many schools and you may be wondering how this technology can benefit your students. Let us take a look at what this medium can do:
  1. Expands learning opportunities – Videoconferencing technology can connect students in schools across places. Guest lecturers can be introduced to classes from different educational institutions. Students can interview experts in other provinces. Researchers can also collaborate with other students on a regular basis without the loss of time due to travel.
    Moreover, many museums, science centers, and colleges provide special educational programs via video teleconference that schools anywhere can access.

    Another great area of study where videoconferencing can be helpful is geography. Many schools are already asking their students to prepare a presentation on their hometown or city. They then present this to other schools via video conferences. Students get to hear from a different country’s residents about their hometown and that experience can make new places more real to them.
  1. Adds excitement to traditional methods – When students learn about real life topics directly from their peers, they become more receptive to the information being shared. Using videoconferencing can add a level of interest and diversity to the classroom.
    Through a video conference, students can experience “virtual field trips” which can provide them with enriched learning experience. Small schools can use these technologies to pool resources and provide courses, such as in foreign languages, which could not otherwise be offered.
  1. Teaches planning and organizational skills – Since a video conference usually involves a presentation, it requires some level of preparation beforehand. Students tasked to research a topic or prepare an in-depth presentation have to learn how to organize facts, prioritize these facts, and combine them into a clear and concise presentation.
  1. Allows practice of public speaking skills – Anytime students have to present in front of others, they are forced to communicate more effectively. The nature of a video conference often requires more focus on clarity of dialogue.
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