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Twin Born 95 Days Apart from Each Other

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celeste was born vaginally at full term and was doing well, but her brother was 15 weeks premature when he was born Oct. 15 and is at risk for such neurological problems as learning disorders and mild celebral palsy.

You can imagine these kids 10 years later - "He's my twin but he was born in 1994 and I was born in 1995, three months later!"

Their mother, Simone Keys, has a history of highblood pressure, a heart rhythm irregularity and childhood rheumatic fever. All can complicate pregnancy, and Mrs. Key's pregnancy was further complicated by two fetus.

The hospital's doctors said that 95 day period between the births is the longest in which all babies in a multiple pregnancy survived. The previous record - 56 days - was for twins born in 1953 to a woman with a double uterus.


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