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Hubble Telescope

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scientists say the Hubble space telescope can see clearly now. Astronauts repaired the space telescope. They also replaced its main camera with a newer one needing less light to take pictures.

One scientist from the American Space Agency, NASA, tried to describe how well the space telescope can see now. He said to imagine that the telescope was in Washington D.C. It would be able to see a very small light in Tokyo and Japan. That is a distance of almost 8,125 miles.

Scientists will use the Hubble space telescope to try to answer several major questions about the universe. These include its size and age. The telescope is named for astronomer Edwin Hubble. his work established that the universe is expanding. By using the Hubble space telescope, scientists hope to learn if the universe will expand forever, or someday fall in on itself.


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