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Coloring With Alcohol-Soluble And Wood Stain

Saturday, April 4, 2009


1. Alcohol-soluble wood in stain in various colors (gold-yellow, bright red, pure blue, green violet and oak brown are the most important.)

2. Spirit or alcohol (for the mixing of colors and cleaning)

3. Absorbent white paper

4. Broad brushes

5. Plastic covers and newspaper to protect your table.

6. Rubber gloves

How To Make:

Dissolve the wood stains according to the printed instruction on the can and then apply one with even brush strokes to your paper. When you have dissolved and applied several colors side by side, try overlapping them on the paper. This way you will obtain a differentiated scale of colored papers which you are not likely to encounter in stationery stores.

Caution: It is very hard to remove stains; for this reason protect your tables and floors with thick paddings of newspapers or plastic covers. For very young groups it is advisable to stay away from this project because of the unavoidable danger of staining.


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