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A Safari

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Safari" spells "adventure" to most Americans, so the mere announcement of a safari should get alert attention at once. Summer camps and conferences are particularly good places to carry out a safari since an out-of-doors setting is desirable.

Safari means an expedition. The word was brought to Africa by Arab slave traders, and it is now widely used. Detailed safari plans will vary according to the number and average age of your guests, so make your own adaptations of the suggestions that follow.

Of course, your group would not go on a safari like the one here outlined if they were in Africa. This is an Americanized version. However, every activity is based on a custom or tradition of Africa, so through participation much about Africa will be learned.

In many African households men are responsible for supplying the meat and beveraged; the women, the vegetables and fruits from their garderns. Therefore, why not announce this division of responsibility for the food you will have.

If you see individual invitations, you may tie each one to an ear of red corn, an impressive summons in some parts of Africa. Or you can make paper ears of corn, marking the grains with ink and writing your invitation on the back. You may like these words:

A tramp through a jungle where animals roam
And rivers in torrents make rainbows in foam,
That's a safari!
Adventures aplenty with games and a stunt,
And food to revive at the end of a hunt,
That's our safari!
Don't miss it!


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