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The Shipwrecked Woman and the Giant Turtle

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Candelaria Villanueva was traveling on the Aloha when it caught fire and sank six hundred miles south of Manila. A life jacket strapped around her body, the woman floated in the sea for more than twelve hours before a giant sea turtle appeared beneath her. Some thirty-six hours later, the crew of a Philippine navy vessel rescued her, thinking the woman was clinging to an oil drum. They didn't realize that the turtle was holding her afloat until they pulled the woman on board. Villanueva later reported that there was also another, smaller turtle that had crawled up on her back and seemed to bite her every time she about about to fall asleep. She thought that, perhaps, it wanted to prevent her from submerging her head in the water and drowning.

(From World Of The Incredible But True)


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