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If You Get Burned

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A sever sunburn, like any other major burn, can be painful and dangerous enough to land you in the hospital. But even a minor burn is a problem, it makes the skin peel and lose whatever sun-protective tan it had developed.

The best thing to do for a mild sunburn is to cool your skin in a lukewarm bath and take aspirin. (Acetysalicylic acid, which is what aspirin is, helps reduce inflammation.) If blisters form, see a doctor, because you can develop a bacterial infection.

Compresses soaked in cool water, milk or tea can provide temporary relief for minor sunburn pain, as can local anesthetics (over-the-counter products that frequently have “-caine” as part of their brand name). Some people can become allergic to these anesthetics, so they should be used sparingly. Cold cream and other lubricants will not do anything for pain but will help the dryness of sunburned skin. If simple home remedies don’t work, see your doctor and be extra careful next time you’re in the sun.


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