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Fast-Moving Star

Monday, December 8, 2008

Scientists say they have measured the speed of a star that is traveling faster than any star ever seen before. The star is traveling at more than 500 miles per second. That is more than 100 times faster than the speed of the sun.

The star is tiny and dense. it is only about 12 miles wide. But it has more mass than the sun. The star is called pulsar. It was formed when a larger star exploded. Pulsars produce no light. But they create radio waves as they rapildy turn.

Scientists discovered the star by observing a giant cloud of gas that is following the pulsar. The cloud is shaped like the musical instrument, the guitar. Scientists say the unusual shape may have resuldted from the movement of the stars as it traveled through different levels of as in the universe.

Scientists say the discovery of a pulsar is common. But they say it is unusual to find such a fast-and-forward-moving one. They say it probably will leave our galaxy in about 100 million years.


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