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Wax Crayon Papers

Monday, November 3, 2008

a white household candle or paraffin
wax crayons
drawing paper
poster colors

How To Make:

Coat your sheet of paper by rubbing a candle all over it. On this, paint a base with well-harmonizing wax crayons. The whole sheet must now be colored wuth a dark crayon. Next, with a pointed object, for example the tip of your knife, scratch line or whole areas out of the top crayon layer until the more colorful ground begins to show through.

A variation of this is to cover the colored crayon base with diluted poster colors, seeing to it that the two layers are aesthetically suited to one another. After the paper has dried, scratch out a pattern to your liking. To make a pre-arranged design possible, the outlines of the colored areas can be traced on transparent paper.


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