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LVHS continues to shine

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It’s been 28 years that Lupon Vocational High School has served as an edifice to all young educationalists who wants to hone and amplify their talents enthusiastically both academic and kinesthetic skills. They persist to bring forth intellectual and dexterous figures that can perform vigorous capacities efficiently for greater reputation and rivals for the school’s progress. In all probability, the institution turns out to be one of the most developed and improved educational vicinity in the province of Davao Oriental owed to its high standard of learning competencies.
On the other hand, the school had lots of contenders that mark the LVHS history. On the year 2007, Daniel Bautista attained recognitions during National Competitions (NSSPC and STEP) as well as Jimver Tulo (STEP); Richard Salumro and Dizon Mendez had brought National honors for the school in the year 2006. Now, other students bestowed their bests as they add their names on the list of National strikers in the institution’s achievements. In the just concluded Regional STEP Skills Competition, Vengie Ygonia, a senior student extended as far as National STEP tilt as he grabbed the first place in Building Wiring Installation and so does with Jeffrey Dagooc who champed in Flower Pot Stand Making. Truly, STEP has been LVHS’s partner in shaping youth’s physical adroitness.
Meanwhile, educators had improved their learning strategies through seminars and conferences. Ms. Alma T. Café and Mrs. Dalisay C. Estabillo attended the SSP ICT Integration Training on Discovering and Creating Digital Communities conducted at Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City last May 26 to 28,2008 . The said training was sponsored by Smart Schools Program which aims to help teachers in making their lessons in class more creative, alive and meaningful through the use of the new technology - computer and internet. Last September 10 to 11, 2008, Ms. Alma Café, a computer educator and ICT trainer for Davao Oriental attended the 3rd National ICTs in basic Education Congress held at Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City, organized by DepEd, Foundation for IT Education and Development, Inc. (FIT-ED), and University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU). This year’s theme was “Teaching the net Generation: Curriculum, pedagogy, and the challenge of 21st Century Learning”. Another batch of teachers were sent for another training on Drop out Reduction Program (DORP) Implementation held last November 3 to 7,2008 at Cebu Business Hotel, Cebu City .The teachers who attended the training were Mrs. Trifina F. Simo, Mrs. Josefina Arbol, Mrs. Mary Jean Alterado, Mrs. Allen A. Rodriguez and Mrs. Doris D. Macarona. The purpose of the training were to reduce, if not totally eliminate school dropout, increase retention rate, increase significantly the achievement level of the students-at-risk of Dropping Out (SARDO)., retrieve learners who are out of school, increase the capability o schools to establish, implement, monitor, evaluate and continuously improve the DORP, design and continuously improve DORP practices and learning materials and benchmark the best DORP practices.
The mentors prove their professions in solacing their students to come up with a desired effort that which might open the portals for their apprentices to a better and brighter future. In the long run, Lupon Vocational High School had showed much and attests that they can lick other schools in terms of academic and co-curricular skills. Without batting an eyelash, altogether we will continue to boost and uplift the institution for further completions and achievements. Once and for all, LVHS will soon be a great high flier of learning triumphs which ensconces the brilliant young minds of the nation.

Onward LVHS!


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