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How to Write a Book Report

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reading a book is one of the most popular ways of enjoying yourself. Some people read just for the fun and relaxation a book gives them. Others read to acquire information and improve their minds. A few read special books in history, science, or stamp collecting because it is their hobby. Students usually read to become acquainted with the best writers whose thoughts or stories have become a part of our language. Very often, students read certain books to increase their knowledge of science or history, or some subject in which they make a career.
Can you write a review of a book or tell a friend why or why not he should read it? If you will follow this few rules, you can easily help someone to decide to read or not to read a book.
1. State the author or title. The jacket of the book will usually tell you whether the author has written other books, whether he is English or American or some other interesting facts dealing with his life.
2. Tell what kind of a book it is: story, travel, biography, science.
3. Tell the principal parts of the story, but do not give away the ending if there is a plot. To take away the suspense by telling the ending is to spoil the story for anyone else.
4. Describe the main characters so that the reader will know more about them.
5. If there is something unusual about the story, give our readers about it.
6. Tell why you like or dislike the book.


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